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August 16, 2017
Issue #128


Permian Frac Sand: If We Mine It, Will They Come?

There’s a natural resource sitting above ground in oil-rich West Texas that’s in high demand this summer. Millions of tons of it, in fact. A field of sand dunes extends 200 miles in a crescent from New Mexico through the booming Permian Basin. Now the oil industry has taken a special interest in this sea of windblown formations.

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Construction of frac sand mines in Texas threatens livelihood of Wisconsin mines

The current frac sand boom in west Texas could be a problem for Wisconsin mines, as 11 new sand mining operations are being developed in Texas near some of the busiest oil fields in the United States, Wisconsin Public Radio reports. Some estimates indicate that the new Texas mines could produce 45 million tons of sand per year and transport it at a much lower cost than sand coming from Wisconsin.

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Go Pound Sand. Moving Sand Around the World with Taylor Robinson of PLG

Today on the Edge of Innovation, we are talking with Taylor Robinson of PLG Consulting about the business of logistics and moving sand around the world.

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What Smart Sand Just Said About The Lizard Should Make Everyone Stop And Think…

We fully expected Smart Sand to announce their entrance into the Permian sand rush today. They did not because of the Dune Sagebrush Lizard. What they said and our thoughts on what this means for the in-basin sand story in this update.

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Rail-car outlook: Where did the momentum go?

Going into 2017 the rail-car fleet outlook was promising. Most freight segments were showing improvement and much of the lost 2016 volume was expected to be recaptured. Many of the fleet surpluses had begun to decline and utilization was on the rise. And while the new car order rate remained subpar, deliveries were still projected to be almost 40,000 units — a respectable number.

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Oilfield sand miners encroaching on threatened West Texas lizard

A voluntary plan the state of Texas crafted to protect a tiny West Texas reptile — and avoid its listing as an endangered species — is facing a significant threat from companies that mine the fine-grain sand oil producers use for hydraulic fracturing.

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Minnesota residents concerned after frac sand mine blasts

Southern Minnesota residents are on edge after another quarry blast from a nearby mining operation sent a barrage of rocks through a neighborhood.

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Preferred Sands to go public

Preferred Sands, a provider of fracking proppant solutions to the oil & gas industry, has filed with the SEC for an IPO. The company plans to trade on the NYSE under the symbol PSND. KKR has backed Preferred Sands since investing more than $680 million to refinance the company's capital structure in 2014.

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Quick Takeaways From A Preferred Sands’ New IPO Filing

Preferred Sands filed for IPO on Thursday. As Infill Thinking readers already know, Preferred has two in-basin mines under development in the Permian Basin and one in the Eagle Ford.

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Site preparation work begins for Anaconda slag-to-proppant plant

The site of a new facility that owners hope will turn Anaconda slag into a material used for fracking oil and natural gas is starting to show signs of life.

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The Customer Is Always Right, And Here’s What Customers Are Saying About In-Basin Sand

Over the past two weeks, we’ve begun to hear sand buyers express their take on the Permian Basin frac sand mining rush for the first time. What they are saying and our analysis of implications in this update.

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Updated Frac Intensity Debate Card Points To Bigger Wells Ahead

In this update, we have added a dozen companies to the debate card we published two weeks ago and also included the relevant excerpts of their commentary. You can see the old table below. Please login or subscribe to see the new table

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Frac Sand Train Derails Near San Angelo

A trail derailed late Wednesday in Runnels County, sending a large metal rail tie onto nearby US 67, the Texas Department of Public Safety reported Thursday morning. A vehicle traveling on the highway near CR 357 ran over the rail tie, causing “severe damage to the under carriage,” DPS said in the release.

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Transloading provides railroads with another way to attract business

For U.S. rail traffic, 2016 wasn’t exactly a banner year. Total carloads fell 8.2 percent compared with 2015’s level, marking the second consecutive year of declining traffic, according to data from the Association of American Railroads.

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Cracking the code in tight shale

Oil moves through shale rocks, even though the physical structure of such rocks suggests it should not. That is only one of the confusing aspects of how best to exploit the shale oil plays, according to a rock mechanics expert.

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Tap The Brakes On Halliburton?

Halliburton delivered stellar Q2 results. It practically had to. The company is a stalwart in the shale fracturing space which is white hot right now. However, it could be time to tap the brakes on the stock.

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