Clean Frac’ing Conference 2
February 17-18, 2014 | Houston, TX

The innovative process of hydraulic fracturing has provided great benefits to the U.S. and Canadian economies and promises to have far-reaching domestic and global effects in the future.  In addition to the abundance of a cleaner energy source with natural gas, efforts continue to make all aspects of frac’ing more environmentally friendly and communally responsible.  While national polls show very strong support for the development of natural gas, polls also indicate the public is confused and uncertain about hydraulic fracturing and its effects on the environment and local communities. As a result, various initiatives have been organized and launched against frac’ing, and many companies in the oil and gas industry have suffered from negative public perceptions and communications.

The Clean Frac’ing Conference is being organized to:

Showcase many of the continually emerging practices and technologies making the frac’ing process even cleaner, safer, and more efficient;

Bring together the various stakeholders and constituencies who have a responsibility to harmonize the great benefits and growth of frac’ing with the health of the environment and communities;

Address the vital public communications issues surrounding the often-misunderstood practice of hydraulic fracturing, and to discuss the public communication implications of the various technological innovations.

This unique event at the beautiful and newly renovated Royal Sonesta Hotel is not one to miss!  It will bring together an excellent group of speakers and leaders, will provide engaging education in a dynamic and hospitable format that will also be of interest to non-industry professionals, and will offer plenty of networking opportunities.  It will be remembered as one of the best conference experiences of the year.

We hope you can join us!

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