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Frac Sand Industry Leaders Gathering in Houston on Friday, February 2.

Industry leaders are gathering at the 3rd Annual Frac Sand Industry Update on Friday, February at The Petroleum Club of Houston. While the event is sold out, those interested in getting on the waiting list should contact Pete Cook at


Location And Hours Announced For The 2nd Annual Frac Sand Equipment Expo!

The Petroleum Connection is pleased to announce the location for the 2nd Annual Frac Sand Equipment Expo! Responding to feedback and suggestions from attendees and exhibitors from the 2017 event, the 2018 event will be held at the same...


Rystad Energy Recruits Proppant Experts

Those who have attended The Petroleum Connection’s frac sand focused events over the past few years know that we like to start off our events with a general overview of North American onshore, followed by a more in depth look at the proppant industry itself. IHS Markit...


Staying in Front of Clients in the Frac Sand Industry

It continues to be a very exciting time in the frac sand industry. With major shifts happening across the supply chain (the emergence of Permian Basin mines, last mile logistics issues, trucker shortages, vertical integrations, the Dune Sagebrush Lizard, competition for qualified personnel, regulatory ...


Prep for the 2nd Annual Frac Sand Industry Update

Just a quick note here to help you prep for the 2nd Annual Frac Sand Industry Update . The event is being held at The Petroleum Club of Houston on February 27, 2017. We had sold out, but The Petroleum Club was able to rearrange the ...