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Rystad Energy Recruits Proppant Experts

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Those who have attended The Petroleum Connection’s frac sand focused events over the past few years know that we like to start off our events with a general overview of North American onshore, followed by a more in depth look at the proppant industry itself. IHS Markit (and PacWest before IHS acquired them) have been our go-to solution for those opening presentations. Their understanding and analysis of North American onshore and the proppant industry have contributed greatly to the quality of our agendas. We hope and plan that the relationship continues. That said, we are always looking for other potential speakers who do high quality work, research, and reporting (like Infill Thinking, who has been a great addition to the industry and to our events since their founding in 2016).

I wanted to mention that you may start to see another company contributing: Rystad Energy. Rystad has recently expanded their research and analysis team, recruiting four people with significant experience in analyzing North American onshore and the proppant market (and regular attendees of our events). We’re pleased to have confirmed that Ryan Carbrey (formerly of IHS Markit and now with Senior Vice President at Rystad Energy) will be speaking at the 3rdAnnual Frac Sand Industry Update in Houston on February 2 ( Ryan’s topic will be “Frac Sand Supply & Demand Forecasts”.

As quick background, Rystad not only produces newsletters, reports, and other analysis on North American onshore and the proppant industry, but they also do other projects (market & commercial due diligence for lenders, investors, frac sand companies, etc.). Keep an eye out for them at future events, adding to the insights and contributions of our regular speakers as well.

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