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New Generation Solutions for Frac Sand Storage

by Ben Fox, President & CEO, Legacy Building Solutions Any operation, fracking included, runs more efficiently when all the necessary materials are in one place – a task complicated by the fact that most fracking occurs in areas with minimal infrastructure. In response, most fracking companies are forced...


10 Tips for Making Your Dust Collector as Safe as Possible

by Camfil APC Team Comments moderated by John Davidson, Mid - South Regional Manager, Camfil APC Installing a dust collector into your factory revolves around the want to keep employees, equipment and work areas safe from dust. Unfortunately, this installation often occurs under a grudge purchase situation. Although the...


Public Regulations and Private Railroads: The battle of weighing safety against cost

by Reed Reimer – Vice President of Business Development, R&R Contracting In a recent Reuters article, the topic of specialized railcar brakes, known as ECP (electronically controlled pneumatic) brakes, was discussed. Specifically, how Senate Republicans considered a proposal that would repeal the brake requirement. Class...


Companies Drill More, Faster

Despite the dramatic drop in oil prices, companies continue to drill more and faster. In a recent Wall Street Journal article it was pointed out that “But now, the easiest way for many producers to make up revenue lost to declining oil prices is to pump more.”...


Proppant Market Headed to Consolidation?

I’ve been waiting for over a year for someone to start talking about the opportunity for consolidation in the proppant and frac sand market. With a plethora of small operators, pricing expected to drop 9% per year for the next three years, and the top ten players...


The Largest Shipment of Frac Sand in History

Unimin, together with Union Pacific Railroad and Twin Eagle Sand Logistics, delivered a 140 car unit train to the Mission Rail Terminal in the heart of the Eagle Ford shale earlier this month. According to the San Antonio Business Journal, the unit train was powered by four...