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Attendees at the 5th Annual Frac Sand Supply & Logistics Conference will recall the great discussions we had regarding “last mile” logistics for proppants and the upcoming challenges related to those. Perry Taylor of Agility Energy explained the challenges we will have with a shortage of qualified truckers, the high volume of sand needed per well combined with lack of storage space at the well site.

Last week, Joseph Triepke (founder of Infill Thinking) wrote a nice analysis of the upcoming challenges and potential solutions/opportunities (very much along the lines of the conference discussion). I would encourage you to read that piece. Joseph has further promised a follow-up article going even deeper into last-mile logistics in a couple of weeks. If you are not familiar with Infill Thinking, check it out here. Joseph offers a subscription-based newsletter that does analysis on the oilfield and it is worth your time to check it out.

I am also pleased to announce that Joseph has accepted out invitation to moderate a panel discussion on Last Mile Logistics at the 2nd Annual Frac Sand Industry Update, being held February 27, 2017 at The Petroleum Club of Houston. Don’t miss this opportunity to hear from topic expert about the challenges and opportunities ahead of us in 2017.

If you have specific topics or speakers you would like to recommend for the 2nd Annual Frac Sand Industry Update or for September’s 6th Annual Frac Sand Supply & Logistics Conference, please email me with those suggestions.

Finally, I would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas!

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