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Just wanted to say a quick word about how pleased I have been with some of the high quality analysis and reporting that has been produced recently regarding frac sand. There have been some great articles (most of them featured in the Frac Sand Weekly News Digest!)

Just last week I took some time to consume Credit Suisse’s update of their “Sandman” report and Headwater’s Oilfield Services Report. Of course, IHS/Markit, Energent Group, and several other groups also regularly produce great information. There have also been some very good recent articles regarding proppant demand and the coming challenge of “last mile” logistics (plus a follow up article related to that one). In addition to proppant-focused items, there have been some interesting reads related to oilfield services in general (spending, rig counts vs. frac spreads vs. frac jobs, and a nice piece from the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies on “Unravelling the U.S. Shale Productivity Gains”).

As you try to prepare for 2017 and position your company for success, I hope you are taking the time to read these reports and articles, and think about how you can position yourself for continued success. We try to find the best articles for you and include them in the newsletter, but please don’t hesitate to send us links to other good reads you run across!

I’m looking forward to discussing a lot of these issues at the 2nd Annual Frac Sand Industry Update at The Petroleum Club of Houston on February 27! We only have space for 100 attendees, so don’t wait too long to register!

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